Spike wallpaper by xtanitx

Spike wallpaper by xtanitx

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Love isn’t brains by prue555

Love isn’t brains by prue555

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Sincerely, the AOS Fandom/Skye/Fitz/May

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I like it… ^_^

starseed-galactic asked: Hello, I just wanted to hop in and thank you for making me watch aos. It is SO MUCH better than the gifs could ever give it credit for. I however to not ship skyward at all and hope that Skye shows him what being played really feels like!

I’m glad you enjoy it! *Fandom high five* =)

And alas, we are at an impasse. I ship Skyeward with every fiber of my being. =P I can’t wait to see how things develop, not gonna lie though…my nails are pretty much stubs now. Haha. (jk…sorta) 

~~> We should all collectively come up with a Fandom nickname for ourselves, if there isn’t one already. (For example: Harry Potter fans are Potterheads) Something to do with AoS. Thoughts? Ideas? Bueler?

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Skyeward + Kisses

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Chloe checking in from Shanghai on her weibo page!

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What I want… is to stay here with y o u and imagine the world outside doesn’t exist.

Welllllllll one thing we know is that Ward always lights up when he’s around Skye….

This episode was brilliantly called, ‘The Only Light In The Darkness’.

Let’s examine that a bit. Look at what we’ve seen develop in our beloved team:

Coulson and May depended on one another. They had such a huge fall out, they both feel like they’ve lost a giant part of themselves.

Fitz is begrudgingly learning how deeply he cares about Simmons, despite still attempting to fight those feelings from coming to the surface. Simmons can see it, she’s a smart girl.

And this one should be obvious, Skye is Ward’s light (and ultimately, I believe, vice versa). They’ve each had terrible pasts, but find strength in each other.

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If you think Skyeward is ruined, think again.

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dean + favourite season nine outfits (part one)

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Thanks for the follow, fifty-shadesof-done!

Thanks for the follow, fifty-shadesof-done!

skyeward + kissing.

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The Skye is a maneater, who’s conning who kiss.

Requested by jasmineinge

Not only do they deepen the kiss, but Skye grabs a handful of hair at the nape of his neck.

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