I watched for the plot, I swear. (x)

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Brett + his tiny siblings Elizabeth and Iain

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Well the name they gave me at the orphanage was Mary Sue Poots, so…
        1.19 | 2.05

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I just could watch this all day. (source)


I just could watch this all day. (source)

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To be honest, I was almost relieved when SHIELD put him [Garrett] down.
— Grant Ward

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ex-hacktivist said: "Grant- I'm pregnant."


"Skye — "

Ward’s breath caught as her words slowly registered, and all of a sudden, it was like the world was moving in slow motion. Skye…pregnant? No, that didn’t make any sense. That was sort of…well, impossible. Except for the very clear fact that it wasn’t. Cool, composed Grant Ward was gone the moment she spoke. 

"A — You’re sure. I mean, you — " 

His eyes met hers, and his brown hues were filled with a worry that was just about overshadowing the hope that he couldn’t bear to give himself. Stepping forward, he allowed a slight smile to come to his face, the same smile he wore every time he saw her.

"…you’re sure." 

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But love is not weakness
it is s t r e n g t h

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Saving gif for the future because it’ll be needed.


Saving gif for the future because it’ll be needed.

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"i know what you’re doing"

"i’m just trying to help"

"nope. you’re exploiting a weakness. looking for a way in”

that is exactly what garrett did to him

there’s no way he’d ever do that to skye

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Skye and Ward Scenes Season 2 episode 5

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Coulson: You can start telling me how to find Skye’s “dad”

Coulson: Note I’m using airquotes

Coulson: Because I am her real dad

Coulson: Now tell me where to find this asshole so I can murder him

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You’re having one helluva day, huh?

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Raina is exceptionally good at manipulating the men in Skye’s life. 

When Ward believes he has already lost Skye, Raina tempts him by playing on his feelings for her and suggesting that they could be monsters together. She keeps him under her thumb by giving him a sliver of hope, hope that he could still be with Skye someday.

When Skye’s father is trying to find Skye, Raina keeps him in check by playing on his desire to be see her and be with her again. She talks him down by making him feel fear, fear that he will end up losing Skye all over again. 

Raina has manipulated the two men who have the strongest feelings for Skye - Ward’s romantic interest and Skye’s father’s paternal love - and in my opinion, that makes her the single most dangerous person to Skye right now. And the scariest part is that Skye has no idea. 

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You two are AWFUL at hiding your true feelings for your exes! And I love it!

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