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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.

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  1. Tipsy by J-Kwan
  2. Grr Arrgh (sound) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  3. Heart Skips a Beat - Olly Murs
  4. Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson
  5. Turn Me On by David Guetta (feat. Niki Minaj)
  6. It is what it is by Lifehouse
  7. Lisa baby by Walk the moon
  8. Addiction by Medina
  9. Valerie by Ghost of the Robot
  10. Promises by Nero

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Oh how interesting.

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I knew this looked familiar:

I knew this looked familiar:

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http://jennieconvertible.tumblr.com/post/94628142802/agent-moonshoes-any-interest-in-a-tag-for-a ➙








Any interest in a tag for a place to discuss Ward in a civil way? As in, a place to talk about why you think Ward deserves to be locked up or why you think he deserves a second-chance without calling each other Nazi-lovers or abuse-facilitators? I’ve recently found out the…

As long as the post isn’t insulting to the character or his fans, it belongs in his tag. I’ve seen a lot of posts of people “wanting to discuss” the character but they start their posts with “The Stand with Ward tag disgusts me because….” or “Ward is a misogynistic Nazi….” before ending it with “But all I want to do is discuss this character….”

That is not wanting to discuss anything. That is throwing insults you think are hidden (news flash: they’re not!) at people. But if you are willing to hear why people still believe in the character, then there are plenty of people here that are dying to discuss the character with more people. If you’re just looking for a place to say how much you want to see him rot away in prison, take it to the anti tag. You’ll find people who agree with you there.

Truthfully, the Grant Ward tag has devolved to the point where I don’t know what sort of posts belong in there anymore. We encountered this last night when the OP made a post and asked for discussion. It wasn’t actually a hateful post, just someone sharing her opinion on why she hates Ward right now, then stating reasons, admitting that she hopes he’s redeemed, etc.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are gun-shy and battle-weary from all the genuine hate that’s been spewed, and we sometimes come out of the corner in defensive mode. It’s not our fault really, but it’s also not the fault of people who are “noobs” coming into the fandom, discussion, tags, or even new to Tumblr.

Some of you have been dealing with the hate for months, some of us for several weeks, and some people are still just coming into the fandom now. It’s obvious that there are strong emotions on both sides, but there’s no reason we can’t agree to have civil discussions without jumping down each other’s throats. I think even the people who don’t like Ward who DO join discussions civilly are sick of seeing the hateful posts as well; that’s pretty obvious from the fact that folks in other tags are asking for “ceasefires.” If we can’t have conversations about our opinions without name-calling, then none of us belong in the Grant Ward tag, right?

Just my opinion. I don’t know why it’s so hard for anti-Ward people to stay out of the Grant Ward tag. I don’t go in the anti-Ward tags, and I manage to keep my dislike of other characters out of those characters’ tags. (Hell, there’s a ship that I find disgusting, but I’m not posting about it and certainly not calling it that; just because it’s not MY thing doesn’t give me a right to tell someone else THEY are disgusting). It’s not asking too much. But I’m open to having a separate “Civil Ward” tag if it means the anti-Ward people will stay out of THAT one. 

No, I agree with wanderingrookie.

I love discussion. When its *civil*. Not a hidden means to attack and insult the other party.

However, this OP stated in their ‘civil’ post:

  • That an abuse victim should just ‘overcome abuse’ and get over it. And also this glowing gem:
  •  ”I was kind of surprised he didn’t just let his brother push him in the well, too.”

That’s the solution. If you can’t change the situation, as many abuse victims can’t, you should just curl up in a ball, give up, and die.

Now, I can overlook a lot of idiotic hate that we Stand With Ward fans get, but as an abuse survivor, I REFUSE to overlook this insult.

This isn’t about being ‘sensitive’ about something. This is a truly important topic that deals with a traumatic problem that real, everyday people suffer through.

If you want to have an educated, respectful discussion, awesome. Just leave the disrespectful crap out of it or take it to the Anti-Ward tag. You’ll find plenty of ‘like-minded people’ (I’m being extremely PG with that title) there.

WHOA HOLY SHIT. You thought I was saying that abuse victims should jump into wells and just give up and die? Oh god, no wonder you’ve been so upset! I am SO sorry that’s how you’ve been interpreting my post. WOW this explains a lot.

Firstly, a MILLION PLUS apologies for writing words that could be misinterpreted that way. What you posted above isn’t what I meant AT ALL in my original post, but clearly it was taken as such, so I am super, super sorry you’ve been thinking there was such a person in the world who could say such awful things.

Please allow me a chance to clarify, and then I’ll also be sure to go back to my original post to make sure it’s clear there, too.

I don’t think abuse victims can just simply “overcome” abuse. I would never think that. I have been too close to such situations to ever in a billion years think that. I thought I worded it so that it was clear that Ward as a child didn’t have the ability to overcome this situation, and that that was NOT by any means his fault—he shouldn’t be expected to just miraculously fix his shitty family. Apparently what I wrote came across as the opposite.

And as for the well thing…I was by no means intending to suggest that Ward just let himself get pushed in and give up and drown. I feel sick just thinking that’s what you thought I meant. What an awful, terrible thing to suggest happen to a child. No wonder you reacted as you did!

Here’s what I actually meant: leading up to The Well episode, we had Ward acting as a protector for the team, and even jumping out of a plane to save Simmons. So in my head, Ward’s character was “rash heroics”-man. Then we get this episode, where we see Ward NOT actively doing anything to save his brother. And based on previous knowledge of Ward, that really surprised me. I was surprised he didn’t confront his older brother, or do something that would get himself pushed in so he could help the younger one, or lower the rope when big brother wasn’t looking, etc. That was a shocking moment for me. It also gave me insight into Ward’s character, for a kid to be in a position where he can’t even save his brother must mean he’s in a really TERRIBLE family situation with rampant abuse. I learned a great deal about Ward’s past from that episode, and how it contrasted with his modern-day behavior. It was quite sad, and yes, very surprising. I did not at all mean to suggest I thought he should’ve let himself get pushed in to die and drown with his little brother. I was simply stating that this was a change in how I viewed Ward. I learned he had this sucktastic past and that his modern day actions were a contrast to what he was in a position to do as a kid (namely, save people).

So in summation, AHHHHHHHH! I am sickened to think anyone thought I said abuse victims should just either “step up to the plate and get over it” or “lie down and take it”. Neither of those are my opinions at all. Not regarding Grant Ward, not regarding anybody.

I completely understand WHY Ward has done the things he’s done in the show so far. I’m furious at him for a lot of what he’s done, but I’m not the kind of person who thinks this can all be fixed by beating the crap out of Ward or locking him up forever. Ward needs help. I’m not anti-Ward. I’m just mad at him right now. REALLY mad. Enough to warrant the word “hate” (hence my usage of it in my original post). But I am open to him being redeemed if it is done right. Being mad at him doesn’t mean I don’t understand his choices up until now. Do I agree with his choices? No. That’s where the anger comes in. But I totally get WHY he’s made those choices, and that his life, upbringing, and conditioning played a large role in those choices.

Anyway, I am once again BEYOND sorry if anyone interpreted my post the way you did. I’m going to go back and edit it to make it abundantly clear that I by no means meant, as you said, “If you can’t change the situation, as many abuse victims can’t, you should just curl up in a ball, give up, and die.” *shudders*

I was just surprised at Ward’s role in that scene as someone who was surrounded by such awful terribleness, that he couldn’t play hero and save his little brother. It changed the way I thought about Ward. That’s literally all I’d meant. I didn’t mean that it made me dislike him (the opposite, actually) or think he should’ve…ahhhhrghhhhhhh I’m still so sorry that you thought I meant that AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Yep. That’s how it instantly read to me. I’m glad you can see how/why I took offense.

I’m very glad to hear that wasn’t what you meant at all. The pro-Ward fans and I (esp. those of us who have suffered physical/mental abuse - I won’t name other names…) have actually encountered AoS fans who actually would have that brutal mentality. I apologize for clumping you into that sadistic group. You clearly are sweet, rational, and intelligent. I truly appreciate that and the fact that you wanted to clarify.

I get the anger at Ward. Pro-Ward fans are angry with him, too. But not in the he’s irredeemable way. We are mostly upset with the choices he made, but we also understand what influenced those decisions. We feel for him and want him to get help and figure out (as Brett suggested): “#WhoIsGrantWard”? :)

I would just like to personally say, it is beyond refreshing to have an intelligent conversation about his character. It’s something the Pro-Ward fans are completely open to. If only to explain why we stand by him and want him to discover the good that still exists within him. I love that you can see that as well. We all want his redemption to be handled well, and given the fact that this is Marvel/Whedonverse, it should be epic. :)

If you aren’t ready to technically consider yourself a ‘Stand With Ward’ supporter, its fine. I understand. If/when you do, you’ll be welcome with open arms. Hugs will be on-call. :)

I appreciate that you’ll revise the original post…that’s how it read. I’m glad you can see why it irked me, no…wait, honestly, it made me see *red*. I’m beyond glad that wasn’t what you meant. Again, I’m also incredibly glad that you wanted to clarify/rectify the situation. <3

Well…Ward’s ‘weak’ childhood was the catalyst John needed to make him bend to his will. He used negative reinforcement

e.x. :

When an abuse victim is in that situation, they feel absolutely powerless. If they try to fight the oppressor, there are usually harsher, more severe consequences. That in itself, trains you to submit. We saw Child!Ward lower the rope as soon as he saw that his older brother wasn’t paying attention/nearby. I’d love to know what immediately followed that. Was he caught? If so, was it before or after Ward saved his little brother. We only then got a flashback years later when he was about 15/16 or so. =\

That’s why Garrett prays on that innate weakness that’s ingrained in him. That’s how he maintains his control of Grant. That, and the promise that no one will make him feel weak, ever again. I can’t speak for many others, but if they were in similar situations to what I went through, it hardens you. All those years of non-stop abuse and terror. I consider myself stronger for having survived my adolescence. I almost didn’t.

***I’m about to get super personal, so I pre-apologize***

If I had someone like John come to me, when I was at my absolute lowest, facing a hard life ahead of me, after my family betrayed me, *hell yes* I’d leap on his offer. There would be nothing more appealing. He was offering strength, freedom, and a new lease on life.

Ward was also described as a possible arsonist. But people don’t see the context behind that. The motives. When I was younger, I came to a point where I couldn’t take anymore. I realized I could either kill my abuser (and those responsible), eliminate that personal Hell from my life….or end my life. As much as I wanted to eradicate those who were responsible for my torment, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I was ready to just commit suicide instead. Then, I would be free of it. Consider the mental state someone would have to be in to actually consider those 2 options as their only/last resort. Pretty dark and scary, right? It’s like an animal that’s backed into a corner. You either give in and surrender all hope, or you fight back. Ward decided to fight back. Of course he knew that his older brother was inside the house when he set it on fire. He chose the best option left to him, to protect/save himself and his younger brother (possibly sister…I still want more info on that!).

I love that you acknowledge and take into account his traumatic past. Sadly, not many in this Fandom do. Serious kudos. Again, you’re intelligent. (Please don’t ever change! xoxo)

But yes. Ward couldn’t play hero to his little brother. Not to the extent he hoped to. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t find ways to take the middle ground and find ways to lessen the danger. (i.e. the rope) — which is similar (in my opinion) to the situation he found himself in on the Bus with FitzSimmons in the pod. After John ordered him to cross them off. Ward was in that middle ground, that same hard place. He chose the only option available, between carrying out John’s orders (the father-figure who saved him) and offering FitzSimmons a *chance* to survive. If he walked away, and Garrett recovered (like we eventually saw happen) - he would’ve gone to check that Grant carried out his orders. Garrett already didn’t trust Grant. Not after learning of his feelings for Skye, and certainly not after being unable to shoot Buddy in the forest all those years ago. He knew that no matter how hard he conditioned him, that ‘weakness’ was always inside him. Compassion.

Thank you again for clarifying. I’m truly relieved to hear that you weren’t being heartless. Lol I apologize for lashing out the way I did. Again, I saw red. Thank you for being kind and considerate.

- Lisa

And an unlikely friendship was born. *high fives*

Super glad this has all been cleared up! I was honestly so stressed about this, and feel so much better now. Thanks for taking the time to read my long response and accepting my apologies! Seriously, your considerate reply and explanations made me so happy today. It’s so nice to have a rational conversation about this character and to talk with others who see him from various angles. Real discussion is what makes fandom interesting!

And three cheers for hydrawardyh for jumping in as a voice of reason after all the initial confusion. After all, we’re all in this fandom together. If that isn’t the basis for a positive relationship between strangers, I don’t know what is.

Rock on, AoS fans. We’re a month and a half away and we can DO this. Peacefully, even. ;)

Ah! No way!

Now you’re even more awesome! If only for that GIF use alone. I have an adorable black kitty and I love owls. You have combined 2 adorable things that I love into one super cute GIF! =D

I’m glad we could work things out, too. It’s gratifying to know that there are still intelligent, mature, kind/considerate fans/human beings out there!

Aw! Hugs are no longer given out on a case-by-case basis, bring it in!

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Don’t Feed the Haters: The Confessions of a Former Troll ➙


Very educational read, everyone.

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CGI Brett Dalton in Until Dawn

Proof that all Brett Dalton is good Brett Dalton

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 fucking animated puppy eyes

fucking animated puppy eyes

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It is quite funny that it was Brett Dalton as the only one from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast who won something (or got nominated) at Teen Choice Awards.



I mean, it’s called Teen Choice Awards so I guess it was a buch of 13-14 year old girls voting for him which makes sense but he is the worst actor from the whole cast. But yeah, I guess he doesn’t look bad so there.

well I’m studying acting, and I can say he’s a good actor. So…

He went to the Yale School of Drama.

And to further hammer this matter home, his peer was Lupita Nyong’o (Oscar winner and Golden Globe nominee).

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Daniel Radcliffe surprises fans at a screening of  ”What If”. 

I love him.

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Interview: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s Brett Dalton and Chloe Bennett (x)

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It is quite funny that it was Brett Dalton as the only one from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cast who won something (or got nominated) at Teen Choice Awards.


I mean, it’s called Teen Choice Awards so I guess it was a buch of 13-14 year old girls voting for him which makes sense but he is the worst actor from the whole cast. But yeah, I guess he doesn’t look bad so there.

Wow. You know what, you’re entitled to your opinion…but please respectfully keep your negative opinion where it belongs, in the ANTI- tag.

I don’t need to see that crap in the PRO- Brett Dalton/ Grant Ward tag. And as you’ve tagged both, it is all the more reason for this response.

Brett Dalton is one of the BEST actors in that cast. He was nominated (not just because of his looks, but) because he is TALENTED. He had an amazing transition during Season 1 with a compelling back story.

It was his character’s betrayal, alongside the release of Cap 2, that helped boost the viewership for the first season.

So basically, think whatever the hell you want, but keep your crappy, negative opinions where they belong.

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Seddie always kills me with the feels 

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