Agents of Shield || Face Flashes of Season 2

Something tells me the 1st one of Skye is while she’s with Ward. (Maybe it’s wishful thinking.)

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Fitzsimmons in the AoS Season Two Promos

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 Ward is definitely packing in T.R.A.C.K.S.
 Ward is definitely packing in T.R.A.C.K.S.

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Anonymous said: Before the hydra reveal would Ward still be consider Skye S.O even after she became an agent? Like would he still be training her?


I don’t think so? I mean, he will still be helping her, but I don’t think he will be considered as her S.O. anymore.

I actually think they retain that title. We’ve heard Coulson say that Fury was his S.O., John was Grant’s (and Trip’s) S.O., Jemma and Leo spoke about their time under their S.O….

I think that they cease to be mentored by them directly, but that title/fact always remains. Not to mention, that S.O. usually is a higher ranking Agent, so they’d still take orders from them.

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we take the naps we think we deserve

Steve Rogers took full advantage of that.

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I love seeing jealous!Brett and now, jealous!Iain!! =D

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The only way to know a man’s true nature is to pierce his outer shell. And gaze within.

I hope this serves as a reminder to all the fans who continue to ignore this scene and Raina’s words about Skye to Ward before he went to find her.

She’s a great manipulator, that’s what she does.

There was *no* rape threat. Ward was told Skye had a great deal of scary darkness within her and he had fallen so low in his loyalty to Garrett. He was at his lowest when he spoke with Raina. She had put the idea that they could be ‘monsters together’ in his heartbroken mind.

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eleven & amy in the power of three

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skyeward-otp said: Basically, I'm putting together a notebook full of reasons why Chloe's fans love her as much as they do. If you want in, just give me one or two reasons why you love Chloe. :)





I’ll do you one better. HEY EVERYONE! XD

For more information, here’s the original post for the project.

P.S. grantwarddefenseleague buddies (wanderingrookie adelindschade @ezriela ) any chance you guys wanna merge your Chloe project into this one?

I’m so down!!

We can give her both! She deserves it!!

adelindschade?? What say you?? ;)

Oh DEFINITELY!!!! And asidefromthenorm
And ezriela! We have a lot of work to do ladies…. Can we create a chat? We need to delegate… :)

Oh! I’m definitely in!

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