How To Train Your Humans

Give me a goddamn cup of coffee you shitty sunnuva fuckbasket.





How To Train Your Humans

Give me a goddamn cup of coffee you shitty sunnuva fuckbasket.


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"Buffy" - Let me just say that I love working in the Whedonverse :)


"Buffy" - Let me just say that I love working in the Whedonverse :)

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Thanks for the follow, doctorsherlockassbutt!

Thanks for the follow, doctorsherlockassbutt!




Tousled hair and a buttoned down shirt. Yum.

So. Yum.

Doctor who bag!!!?

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Chloe Bennet & Brett Dalton - Interview San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)

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"I’ll go with you."

Get To Know Me[5] Favorite Relationships

              ↳ Harry/Hermione | Harry Potter

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This week on Tumblr: no one’s at Comic Con and everything hurts.

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There’s a crack in my wall, could you send someone to fix it?

Thank you, Santa.

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And I go “I mean tired! Like, you usually look less tired…”

Chloe on talking to Joss Whedon before her screen test for AoS.

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Me & the @josswhedon cover band @NathanFillion@Liam_J_McIntyre @ChloeBennet4 @alan_tudyk

Me & the @josswhedon cover band @NathanFillion@Liam_J_McIntyre @ChloeBennet4 @alan_tudyk


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People are cruel man they don’t want Ward to be redeemed.

Shows how cold-hearted they are, man.

Just cuz you hate him doesn’t mean his life should end because of you. Give the man a chance to find himself, man!!

They are largely hypocritical. Most of them love Loki or Black Widow, yet detest Ward.

They don’t consider what he’s been through. What being in that situation was actually like. They shrug it off and basically, ‘I don’t care what he was going through, he had a choice.’ —-> No, he did not. He never has. Well, wait, I take that back, he made a choice, which I applaud him for. When he was a teen and tried to set fire to his house with his disgusting abusive shithead of an older brother inside. THAT was a proactive choice. Something he chose to do, in a last ditch effort to eradicate the monster who made their family life a living Hell. Been there myself.

Then of course, Ward got tossed into Juvie, with his parents and brother (essentially his entire family, as the others no doubt kept quiet) looking to lock him away for decades behind bars. John comes along, giving him a pitch about making him stronger and gave him a short window to say yes. John was his olive branch.

We saw Ward voice his concerns a few times throughout his time with Garrett. Both as a teen and an adult who had infiltrated Coulson’s team (FOR INTEL). Each time, John utilized negative reinforcement to make Ward back down. He picked on his insecurities, his underlying ‘weakness’ - aka human emotion and attachment.

So when I hear the haters bitch and moan that Ward ‘had a choice’ - No, he did not. He essentially had a life debt to John. He was conditioned to do as he was told (much like a SPY) and get the mission done. No attachments.

I cannot wait to see Ward’s redemption story and as Brett, himself, said, to see WHO Grant is. With no negative influence.

Open your eyes and ears, people.

If you really despise Ward that much, and don’t want a redemption story, even though that is kind of Marvel and Whedon’s M.O. - then just leave. No one needs your negativity anymore. The true fans of the show see his character’s story arc (both what it’s been and the possibilities for the future), the writers are excited to flush out who Grant is, Brett is extremely excited, and pretty much the rest of the cast.

That is a whole lot of important people who disagree with you.

*exhales - end rant*

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