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round nine • harmony + hugs

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blink of an eye; everything’s changed

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HBP - Deleted scene

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Harry + Hermione

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And I regret never letting you know

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| Here lies all my hopes and expectations in a relationship |
top 54 harmony moments
51 | I love the way Harry looks at everyone like “Yes, her father is a dentist” and then they realize that nobody knows what it is, just her and Harry. And his face seeing her telling the story, is beyond adorable. <3

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"Harry knew Apparating meant disappearing from one place and reappearing almost instantly in an another, but he had never known any Hogwarts student to do it, and understood that it was very difficult."

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Fangirl Challenge: [1/20] Friendships/Dynamics - Harry & Hermione - Harry Potter

You say friendship, I say true love.

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"I’ll go with you."

Get To Know Me[5] Favorite Relationships

              ↳ Harry/Hermione | Harry Potter

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The Time Turner


The Time Turner

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"She looks beautiful."
"Yeah, she does."

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