Dan Rad + dancing (post-Potter)

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A young doctor’s notebook (2012) → Season 2 Appreciation post

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Thanks radcliffe-fans


Thanks radcliffe-fans

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A Young Doctor’s Notebook 6/?

A Young Doctor’s Notebook 6/?

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Daniel Radcliffe + tv & cinema filmography so far. 

And, The Tailor of Panama


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Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm as Doctor Vladimir Bomgard in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, S02E04.

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Daniel Radcliffe singing in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, S02E03. 

Natasha, Natasha, 
Natasha torna da me…

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Suffer, because this is far worse. It will take you to a lush meadow in the height of summer. You will lie down in the soft grass, and bask in the sun and feel nothing but bliss. And you will never want to return to this frozen piss hole in the snow.

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He’s so beautiful

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Look at what you’ve done.

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